Within the racetam family of nootropic drugs, oxiracetam is known as one of the best for improving memory and learning while also preventing neurological decline and enhancing concentration. With all of these benefits, it is no wonder oxiracetam is popular among nootropics users as a stand alone drug and as part of nootropic stacks that people love so much.

Oxiracetam is around 5 times more potent than piracetam, which makes it useful for improved alertness and focus. It is water soluble, unlike aniracetam, which means you can dose it without needing fat to go with it.

Oxiracetam Effects

You can expect to see many oxiracetam effects when starting to take this smart drug. The majority are similar to other racetams, which influence acetylcholine and cholinergic systems. Particularly, they increase the utilization and uptake of acetylcholine into certain parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus. If you get enough choline in your diet or through a supplement, you can utilize this to your advantage.

Oxiracetam also stimulates the AMPA and NDMA receptors and the related pathways. It is useful because the increased oxygenation and blood flow have a profound impact on the way cognition happens. In many cases, this is why people experience greater stimulation and concentration as opposed to unsustainable caffeine or amphetamine stimulants.

For mood and depression there are benefits of oxiracetam as well. This nootropic drug is well known as a mood enhancer and many people take it in order to solve mild forms of depression or generalized anxiety disorder. Even though there are plenty of other prescription drugs to solve these health concerns, it is easier for many people to go the route of oxiracetam.

This effect is caused by influencing the dopaminergic and serotonin receptor sites, which are particularly important for improving mood and reducing feelings of depression.

Of course, as with any other racetam, the primarily effect of oxiracetam is to improve memory and learning capabilities. Most people do not recognize how profound the memory effects of racetams can be. Many studies on Alzheimer’s and senile dementia patients show how powerful it can be for them to use.

The final factor that makes oxiracetam somewhat unique is the ability to act as a neuroprotective agent. For many animal studies and even with human brain trauma, there are studies showing oxiracetam can reverse the neurological damage and decline.

Oxiracetam Safety and Side Effects

There are not many oxiracetam side effects to speak of because the entire family of drugs is very mild in most regards. Oxiracetam is non-toxic and even though it is many times more potent than piracetam, all of these drugs have extremely high LD 50 rates, which is the dose required to kill 50% of the population. The high level of racetams that one can take means side effects from the dose are rare.

However, some side effects can occur if the dose is too high and there is not ample acetylcholine in the brain to be used to form memories. It is a good idea for you to consider taking a choline supplement if you think that you might be deficient in your diet. This can prevent you from having headaches as a result of using oxiracetam.

Some people actually have headaches because they take too much choline so make sure the dose is right for you. It might be that you are “choline dominant” which means you have too much of the neurotransmitter already. Just keep that in mind when you are gauging how to do things for yourself.

Oxiracetam Stacking Ideas

When taking oxiracetam, it can be used alone because it is so much more powerful than piracetam. It is also well researched and has a lot of literature to back it up. The Longecity and Reddit communities are big fans of oxiracetam for things that are outside the realm of studies (such as social anxiety etc.) that you can find by looking through those threads.

It is a good idea to stack piracetam with any other racetam in order to get longer lasting effects throughout the day. Even though oxiracetam is more potent, usually it has a shorter half life like aniracetam or phenylpiracetam. Taking them together can give you the best of the memory and learning while also having the stimulation to take advantage of things.

Another great thing to stack with oxiracetam is choline. You can find 4 different types of choline, but it is best to use either alpha GPC or CDP choline (also known as citicholine). Between these two, you will get enough raw choline to make a difference in your mental state and hopefully have a much better experience with your nootropic usage.

Author: Racetam.Org Team

We are daily users of nootropics interested in educating the public about racetams, a specific family of nootropics, that has many studies documenting the efficacy of racetams and virtual lack of adverse side effects.

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