Aniracetam Dosage

Getting the right dosage of any nootropics is going to have the biggest impact on the efficacy of the drug and how helpful it can be. However, it is important to know that some nootropics have different doses for different purposes. It is important when dealing with aniracetam to understand what you want to achieve and then it is easier to develop the aniracetam dosage for you.

Unlike piracetam, aniracetam is a little stronger, which means you cannot just take as much as you would like and expect to see no adverse effects. The aniracetam dosage can be a lot more for your body to handle because it absorbs it very quickly.

Aniracetam Uses

There are many uses for aniracetam. Most people consider racetams as a family of drugs that are useful for memory and learning. Aniracetam and others have been studied for many decades on patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsons, as well as senile dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. These studies have been profound and have caused many countries to start using aniracetam as a prescription drug for memory improvements.

Other benefits of aniracetam include reducing anxiety. One study in the European Journal of Pharmacology suggested that aniracetam could help to reduce anxiety and relieve depression through the modulation of dopamine and serotonin.

Finally, there are many people who consider aniracetam to be a great stimulatory drug. It is used to improve concentration, motivation and focus. For people who are used to racetams, this is one of the better stimulants because it has a quick half life and is very effective in that way.

How Aniracetam Works

Finding the right dosage will depend highly on the needs that you have. There are a few ways that aniracetam works in order to provide positive cognitive effects. One of the main ones is the increased utilization and uptake of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that is required for adequate memory and learning. When you have enough acetylcholine (sometimes requires choline supplements) you can see tremendous memory and learning benefits.

Another way that aniracetam is useful is through increased oxygenation. Having additional oxygen in the brain is going to help to improve memory and learning, but also has a positive effect on stimulation and concentration. A lot of people do not recognize that it is possible to have increased oxygenation and see benefits as a result.

Finally, there is a way aniracetam improves blood flow to the brain as well. For similar reasons as the improved oxygenation, this can yield memory, learning, and concentration benefits.

Aniracetam Dosage

Now that you have an understanding of aniracetam, it is possible to analyze the best dosage for you. The Reddit and Longecity communities are well-versed in understanding the right dosage for people who are beginners or advanced. Their recommendation seems to be around 750 mg – 4500 mg per day through 1 – 4 doses.

The dose of 750 mg twice per day is the starting dose for beginners, but it will depend highly upon your needs. If you are trying to see anti-anxiety benefits, you usually need in the 1 – 2 grams dosage. If you are after memory and learning benefits, getting as high as 4500 mg is not a bad idea.

This is one of the reasons taking any nootropic requires a lot more research than first seems necessary. You can see tremendous benefits by taking aniracetam in any dosage that you test for yourself, but it is still nice to see what your goals are and how the dose can correspond.

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