Aniracetam for Anxiety

Many people in the United States and western world struggle with anxiety. The modern responsibilities of life, which include meeting certain expectations and standards, has made anxiety a problem that riddles most of society. Luckily, with the advent of technology that causes anxiety are other tools that we have created to mitigate the effects. One of those tools is a smart drug called aniracetam.

The racetam family of drugs was developed in the early 1970s and aniracetam is one of the main analogs. Many people find aniracetam useful for memory and learning benefits, but aniracetam for anxiety is quickly becoming a popular nootropic.

What is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is a nootropic drug that is part of the racetam family. It has been well researched over the past 4 decades as the compound was discovered many years ago. This smart drug is an analog of piracetam, which means that it is structurally similar with a single difference in the chemical compound. This slight change makes a huge difference when it comes to the effects that people see as a result.

For some people the fact that aniracetam is more bioavailable and has a shorter half-life means that they see more anti-anxiety benefits from using aniracetam. While this is not true for everyone who uses the nootropic, there is a sizable community of people who claim it is one of the best drugs for this purpose.

Aniracetam Anxiety Effects

One of the reason aniracetam can be effective as an anxiety treatment is because of the structure of the compound in the first place. Aniracetam is structurally similar to GABA, which is considered one of the neurotransmitters most responsible for relaxation. Because aniracetam can increase extracellular serotonin and dopamine (both needed for happiness), it is no wonder that people are seeing tremendous anti-anxiety benefits of aniracetam.

There have been major studies done on aniracetam and anxiety effects even though the majority of research focuses on the memory and learning benefits. One study in the European Journal of Pharmacology found that aniracetam was able to improve social interaction test scores and in environmental stress tests there was reduced depression and anxiety.

Even though there are other studies to verify and validate this process, it is important to recognize the individual experiences that have shown this to be a useful tool. Many people on Longecity and Reddit communities have commented about how useful aniracetam can be even compared to piracetam and other smart drugs that are similar.

General anxiety disorder (often referred to as GAD) is something that afflicts many people and is not always diagnosed. For many it is just a state of constant alertness and anxiety that requires some type of prescription drug. Instead of taking a prescription, it is best to get aniracetam anxiety effects instead. This is not only safer and more sustainable, but comes with the other benefits of aniracetam as well.

When it comes to depression, studies are clear that it can help to improve depressive symptoms. However, it is important that users of SSRIs or other prescription drugs do not go off their medication in order to try aniracetam. In certain situations this can be dangerous and aniracetam is not a prescription drug. There are differences that you must keep in mind before you take the leap.

How to Use Aniracetam for Anxiety

Taking aniracetam for anxiety is easy and usually requires a smaller dose than trying to enhance concentration and memory abilities. Many people who use aniracetam try to use a dose of around 1 – 2 grams, which is taken with some other source of fat in order for absorption to be complete. This is a smaller dose than is recommended for learning and memory benefits so it is perfect for beginners.

Some people struggle with tolerance to aniracetam so this is something that you must cycle and find out for yourself. You might find that it is not a problem for you, but keep it in mind when you are dosing yourself. Also keep in mind that aniracetam can be greatly improved with a choline supplement. Because acetylcholine is required for uptake and utilization by racetams, it makes sense that you would either eat a lot of eggs or take a choline supplement.

It is another idea to add other nootropics that help with anxiety, such as bacopa monnieri, in order to get even stronger benefits and reduce anxiety further.

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