Is Piracetam Legal?

Nootropics are cutting edge and for a lot of people, they are ahead of the FDA and other regulatory bodies across the globe. Even though piracetam is a well-researched nootropic that is used in many countries as a prescription to handle certain conditions, the legal status is different depending on the country. Please also note that none of the information contained herein is meant to be construed as legal advice, and that laws are subject to change.

Is Piracetam Legal in the U.S.?

Piracetam is quickly becoming one of the most popular nootropics in the United States and across the globe. Thanks to discussions by Dave Asprey and other popular biohackers and nutrition experts, nootropics are becoming a lot more mainstream and piracetam is leading the charge.

Because piracetam was discovered in the 1960s and 70s and has been researched for decades, it is popular. It was also the drug responsible for the term “nootropic” in the first place, which makes it of particular importance.

Nonetheless, in the United States it has a very unique status. It is perfectly legal to use piracetam in the United States. No prescription is needed in order to use it and it can often be purchased over the counter in certain small brick and mortar locations as well as online. However, the important thing is that FDA rules state it cannot be marketed as a supplement for human consumption.

This means that powder is much easier to find as a “research chemical” than nootropic stacks that have many ingredients besides piracetam. Although there are some products, such as truBrain, that use piracetam as part of a pre-made stack, they are few and far between.

Is Piracetam Legal in Canada?

Canada is similar to the United States in that it has a similar status. It is not regulated by the organization called Health Canada and it has not been issued any kind of Drug Identification Number, which means it cannot be sold in the country, but possession is legal. Most of the consumers in the country buy their product from the United States and have it shipped inside the country.

Is Piracetam Legal in the U.K.?

The United Kingdom is quite different from both Canada and the United States. In the U.K, piracetam is sold as a prescription drug for Acute Anoxic Myoclonal Spasms. Because it is legal to import medications for personal use there are some laws that allow people to ship small quantities into the country from another country.

Is Piracetam Legal in Australia?

In Australia piracetam is known as “nootropil” and it is a prescription drug that has been banned for use outside of a doctors recommendation. Some people buy piracetam online and have it shipped to them in order to bypass this problem, but if customs finds it, most likely the batch will be seized. It is sometimes difficult to get piracetam into the country, but many people have done so without any problem.

China – Piracetam Legal Status

In China the laws are a bit different with regard to piracetam. Instead of making it unregulated, piracetam is an over the counter drug in most pharmacies. You do not need a prescription to buy the product and most of the piracetam in the world is made and sold from China. It is usually subject to controls, but through the Chinese authorities, which may not be a good enough safety net for some people in the western world.

Piracetam in the European Union

There are many countries in the European Union that have different rules on piracetam. In Belgium, for example, it is possible to get Nootropil without a prescription or any other controls. In the Czech Republic, you don’t need any legal restrictions to buy the drug from the pharmacies. However, in Italy you do need a doctor’s prescription in order to buy the nootropic. This doesn’t stop people from buying it online and getting it shipped in, but that does not mean it is legal or will work every time.

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