Noopept Negative Side Effects & Prevention

Noopept is one of the most promising nootropics that is currently on the market. With thousands of people using it to treat memory loss and age related degenerative diseases, it is no wonder it is so popular. It is also about 1000 times more potent than piracetam, which makes it a highly effective smart drug for high performance people who just want to get a better experience with their profession or studies.

The side effects of noopept are sometimes forgotten when discussing how many positive things can come from taking the drug. It is important to at least be aware of them in order to prevent things from happening and have healthy practices. The vast majority of people who are taking noopept do not see any negative side effects, but as they say it is better to be safe than it is to be sorry! Keep in mind that most negative side effects are the result of taking far too much noopept, and not getting a proper noopept dosage.

Noopept Side Effects

The negative side effects of noopept are not common, but there are some good data points because of how well studied the drug is. Because noopept is similar to the racetam family, it works in similar ways and has some of the same side effects. For example, the people who struggle with headaches when they take piracetam might have the same issues with noopept. While it is not exactly the same family and they do not have the exact mechanism of action, the similarities in their effects are potent. That being said, this is even more rare with noopept for a couple of reasons.

For one, noopept is primarily focused on the glutamate receptor as opposed to the acetylcholine neurotransmitter in the brain. This prevents a shortage of acetylcholine like most of the racetams have. Because the smart drug is absorbed so quickly in the stomach, it does not cause as much gastro intestinal distress as some of the other drugs.

The biggest issue to keep in mind is toxicity, which can be a very real problem with a drug that is highly potent. For noopept, which is 1000 times more potent than piracetam, it is important to keep this in mind so you do not fall victim to over optimizing and taking too much, which can hurt you in the future. Making sure that you can avoid any of the negative side effects through the use of the proper dose is a safe practice to maintain!

A lot of people want to try to over optimize their brain power and sometimes it can lead to more problems than it is worth. If you feel like noopept is not working, try very small incremental increases in the doses as opposed to large and wild doses. This is not only going to be safer, but a lot more effective for you!

Prescription and Clinical Noopept Uses

Noopept is used for many things across the globe. Even though some countries do not have it available as a prescription drug, it is useful to know where and why they do. In Russia and many former countries of the Soviet Union, using noopept is a really important prescription drug that can help people who are suffering from age related neurological decline. A lot of times this means elderly people who are struggling with memory loss, Alzheimer’s, or senile dementia.

Some people use this for the same reason, but the potency can make it a strong anti anxiety medication as well. Some people use it to stimulate parts of the brain that can prevent anxiety and help to improve general disposition. The vast majority of people who are taking noopept as a prescription do not have to worry about the side effects that we have discussed in this article.

Using Noopept – Is it Right for You?

The noopept smart drug is a highly potent and very useful nootropic for improving memory and preventing age related neurological decline. For a lot of people, this is exactly the drug they are looking for to improve their memory in the short term, protect their memory in the long term, and also improve concentration and motivation in the long term.

Many younger people are taking advantage of noopept because it is so potent, adds a great deal to perception and can help to focus and concentrate on a task. The added noopept benefits of memory are useful for many people, which is a great call for users as well.

Overall, the side effects of noopept are something to watch, but not something to live in fear over. Most people who take the drug have no problems with it and more than likely you will not either. Just be sure to take the right dosage and have preventative measures in place to protect yourself (make sure you weigh your dose or take capsules to ensure proper dosage).

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