What is Phenylpiracetam?

PhenylpiracetamPhenylpiracetam is a nootropic drug in the “racetam” family, synthesized and discovered in the 1970s. The unique aspect of phenylpiracetam is the addition of a “phenyl” group, which makes this an analog of the famous nootropic called piracetam.

Although phenylpiracetam is similar in structure to piracetam and many other drugs in the family (such as aniracetam, oxiracetam, and coluracetam), the additional phenyl group makes the effects far different than the average racetam.

Some people consider the effects of phenylpiracetam to be 60 – 100 times more powerful than piracetam. The unique effect of phenylpiracetam is the stimulatory nature that is not often felt with racetams. Many of the racetam line of drugs are non-stimulatory in nature because they primarily improve cognition and memory.

Because phenylpiracetam is stimulatory and comes with central nervous system benefits, it is considered a very useful nootropic in the racetam family. Also, it is a great alternative to other stimulants in the cognitive enhancing world that might be dangerous for your health. Things that are amphetamine-based or even high quantities of caffeine can be unhealthy and phenylpiracetam can be an alternative.

Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

The benefits of phenylpiracetam are undeniable because it is so unique in its ability to improve cognitive abilities in multiple ways. The stimulatory nature of phenylpiracetam makes it a useful as a replacement for unhealthy alternatives, such as amphetamines or caffeine. However, the real benefit of phenylpiracetam come in the cognition and memory departments where they are similar to the rest of the racetam family.

Users of phenylpiracetam find that it can increase learning capacity and memory, but it will also improve focus and concentration. The memory and learning capacity improvements are particularly useful for racetam users because these drugs increase the uptake and utilization of acetylcholine into certain regions of the brain, such as the hippocampus, where memories are formed.

Piracetam and aniracetam are both beneficial for memory enhancements, but phenylpiracetam can improve memory and offers the stimulating effects as well. This is one of the reasons why the benefits of phenylpiracetam far outweigh any of the risks.

Phenylpiracetam Side EffectsAnother unique benefit of phenylpiracetam is the mood enhancement that many people see when taking this nootropic. Several people and some studies theoretically explain the reason why phenylpiracetam is so useful for mood. Typically, neurotransmitters are modulated as a result of using phenylpiracetam and the primary chemical is dopamine. This chemical is largely responsible for improving mood and is often considered the “happiness” neurotransmitter.

Animal tests have also showed that animals can remove anxiety, diminish the fear response, and reduce motion sickness. This might be a result of the dopamine improvements in the animal brains, but some of these benefits are unexplained by science as of now.

Suggest Use of Phenylpiracetam

Users of phenylpiracetam should take the dosage with caution because it is so much more potent than the other racetam analogues. For example, students, high performance individuals, and anyone looking to improve their cognitive ability should use phenylpiracetam, but specifically with the right dosage.

The starting dosage is 100 – 200 mg between 1 – 3 doses. Reddit has the recommended starting point at around 100 mg twice per day. This is just a starting recommendation and it will depend a lot on your goals and desires. For some people who are metabolically quicker to metabolize things, it might work to use phenylpiracetam in a higher dose.

There are many different reasons to use phenylpiracetam and all of these will change the dose that you choose as well. For example, someone who is using phenylpiracetam to study for a test might start off with a relatively low dose of phenylpiracetam and take it more frequently throughout the day. By taking more frequent doses in smaller quantities, it is possible to see the stimulating effect more often while studying.

Heavy doses of phenylpiracetam can be felt stronger, but they will wear off after a while as well. This is why steady and small doses are recommended and this is why Reddit promotes using around 3 doses throughout the day. However, for someone who is trying to use phenylpiracetam for athletics, it might be useful to take a heavier dose at one time.

Phenylpiracetam DosagesEven though phenylpiracetam is relatively new, the Olympic committee has already banned phenylpiracetam because of how useful it can be in aiding performance. If you are not an Olympic athlete, this should not concern you, but instead show you how useful it is for your own physical fitness improvements and goals!

Overall, taking a higher dosage of phenylpiracetam may not cause as many problems as high doses of caffeine or amphetamine based drugs. Even though there is a smaller recommended dose for a reason, that does not mean that it is dangerous to take higher doses. Piracetam and the entire racetam family is notoriously well known for allowing high doses without adverse effects.

Phenylpiracetam Dosage

As stated beforehand, taking a starting dosage of 100 – 200 mg of phenylpiracetam is recommended. If you want to study and use it for cognitive enhancement only, taking it between 3 doses in the day can be a useful tactic. If you are more interested in athletic performance, a bigger dosage at once is okay.

Taking phenylpiracetam as part of a nootropic stack is also useful. Some people like to use phenylpiracetam in addition to other racetams, such as piracetam or aniracetam, in order to get similar, but complimentary benefits. As with any racetam, there are also uses of choline. The CDP choline and alpha GPC offers are best for anyone starting with nootropics as they offer the most bioavailable choline and vastly improve memory benefits of the compound.

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