Piracetam vs. Aniracetam vs. Oxiracetam vs. Phenylpiracetam

When it comes to nootropics, the family of racetams is one of the most famous and well-utilized. Piracetam was discovered in the 1960s and early 1970s, which is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA. It is the father of this line of drugs, but there are many analogues that are structurally similar, but have different effects.

Deciding which of the racetams that you want to have in your nootropic stack can be difficult, but there are subtle differences of each. Luckily, you can choose to use all of them in order to get the best of all worlds.


This is a great beginner nootropic because it is the most well-researched and it is not incredibly potent. It is a great tool for improving memory and learning, but sometimes requires higher doses of 6 – 8 grams in some people. This is not the recommended dose for a beginner, but it is what some people in the nootropics community use in order to get the advantages they are looking for.

Some people also see some advantages with stimulation when they use piracetam, but this is usually at high doses and for only certain people who have brain chemistry that allows that. However, you can work on improving stimulation by adding more choline in your diet or nootropic stack so that you have adequate acetylcholine for the increased uptake and utilization of this neurotransmitter.

Piracetam works in many mechanisms in order to improve brain health and cognitive function. One popular mechanism of action is the increased uptake and utilization of acetylcholine in certain parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus, which is responsible for improving memories and learning. This requires adequate acetylcholine in your diet, so make sure if you are taking choline supplements if you are taking piracetam (or any other racetam).

If you are just getting into nootropics, piracetam is a great place to start. It has a lot of research, will not have many side effects especially if you take choline supplements, and will be perfect for you to get started with.


Although some more advanced nootropic users believe that aniracetam is better than piracetam, in reality it is just different. Because aniracetam is structurally similar, it has many of the same effects on the brain and improves memory and learning, but does so in a different way. The half life of aniracetam is short and it enters the bloodstream quickly, which often creates a spike in the body and stimulation as a result. Many times aniracetam is utilized as a great nootropic to combine with piracetam because it is the perfect stimulation to combine with memory and learning advantages.

Aniracetam may also be a newer racetam, but it is one of the analogues that does still have a lot of research. When you look at the aniracetam studies, you will find that it has a positive impact on attention span and ability to concentrate. Some memory recall tests and overall energy tests show positive effects as well.


Another analogue of piracetam is called oxiracetam and it is one of the newer types. It has a lot of research on animals and some on humans, which show it is great for reversing neurological damage and trauma induced memory loss. If you play any kind of contact sport or just have general memory loss, oxiracetam is a great nootropic for that purpose.

Even for people who have not had trauma, it is useful to use oxiracetam to prevent neurological decline and to improve memory in general. Some people will combine piracetam as a base with oxiracetam in order to get a nootropic stack that way. Oxiracetam can have advantages of increased attention and concentration similar to aniracetam, but many report a slightly different experience.


This is one of the newer nootropics in the racetam family. In fact, it has only been discovered and utilized for the past couple of years and has since grown into one of the most used and loved racetams. For some reason the extra phenyl group on the end of the piracetam molecule has profound impacts on how it is absorbed by the brain. It is up to 60 times stronger than piracetam, but has many other effects.

Phenylpiracetam is a great stimulant that will not over work your adrenal system or cause you crashes later on. It is so useful that many athletes actually use the drug as a pre-workout to get them pumped up to go to the gym. This has made the Olympic committee ban the substance, which is great for normal people as they can see how effective it can really be!

Phenylpiracetam also has a number of great effects for the brain. There are many people who have seen enhanced memory, learning, and sensory perception as a result of using phenylpiracetam. Some people don’t know how to incorporate this into their daily routine without getting too stimulated, which is why small doses can be useful throughout the day.

Piracetam vs. Aniracetam vs. Oxiracetam vs. Phenylpiracetam

Making the decision of which of the racetams you want to have in your nootropic stack can be a big one. You might want to “get it right” from the beginning especially when you have school work or deadlines to achieve. However, usually it is possible to combine them, test on yourself and see what works best for you. There is no one size fits all and it is best to get a wide variety and put them together for the optimal effect.

The best results will come from combining piracetam, another more stimulating racetam, and then some type of choline supplement to provide adequate acetylcholine for the increased uptake and utilization. Overall, it makes a lot of sense to use racetams for memory and learning benefits. It is the greatest family of drugs for this purpose.

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